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SHE SAID WHAT? — Following the our city’s dubious distinction once again as the “Most Dangerous City in America“, comes an interesting quote from one of St. Louis’ paid cheerleaders.

Mary Hendrod, of the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, was quoted in Venues Today, an industry trade magazine, in their “Quote of the Week” section.

“It’s a bad part of town, but every city has a bad part of town… Frankly the only reason anyone would go there would be to purchase crack cocaine,” she said, reportedly referring to “a bad neighborhood of St. Louis.”

Hendrod told PUB DEF this morning that the quote was taken out of context and was meant to be off the record.

AND THEN THERE WERE THREE — Looks like Tower Grove Easter Christian Saller is joining Kacie Starr Triplett and Committeeman Patrick Cacchione in the race to succeed 6th Ward Alderman (and Aldermanic Presidential candidate) Lewis Reed. The Arch City Chronicle reports Saller, 43, made the announcement at a southside neighborhood meeting last night. We’re also hearing there will be even more candidates joining the race before it’s all over. Expect a crowded field.

FAIR-WEATHER FRIENDS? — We emailed outgoing Republican State Rep. Sherman Parker this week to ask if we should read anything into his presence at Claire McCaskill‘s victory party last week. He did not reply.

But two other African-American Republicans called us over the weekend to let us know what they thought about former Congressional candidates Parker and Leslie Farr (who recently said he was re-joining the Democratic Party) partying with the blue team while the reds shed tears into their champagne glasses last Tuesday.

“Traitors” is about the least offensive word used that we can write here.

“After all Jim [Talent] did for Sherman?” one said, referring to Talent’s early endorsement in the contentious 2002 primary fight that eventually led to Parker becoming the first African-American elected to the state legislature from St. Charles.

“They should know the lines are too long for them to ever get anything out of the Democrats,” said the GOPer.

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Chaos at GOP Caucus in St. Charles

The Republican Caucus at Francis Howell North High School was shut down after about a half hour of dispute with no business conducted. Two men were arrested after the caucus was canceled. http://wentzville.patch.com/articles/two-people-arrested-at-francis-howell-north-high-school-caucus-4cc0d20e