Talent Tries to Erase Debt

Former U.S. Senator Jim Talent has sent an email to supporters reflecting on his loss and requesting financial aid in erasing his $85,000 of campaign debt.

“I’ve replayed the campaign more than a couple of times,” Talent writes. “There were a few things I would have done differently, but they weren’t many and they weren’t major.”

“I’m secure in my knowledge that we did everything we could to win. It was a great campaign. It just was not a great year,” said Talent.

Talent requests donations from his supporter to go towards his campaign’s debt.

“We can legally accept contributions earmarked to our debt as long as the individual has not already contributed the legal maximum of $2100 to our general election campaign,” said Talent. He refers questions to his former National Finance Director, Steve Gordon, who he says remains his consultant.

In his email, Talent also says he has accepted an invitation to become a Distinguished Fellow at the conservative Washington DC think tank, the Heritage Institute.

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