City Voters, Check Those Mailboxes!

Within the next seven days, all City of St. Louis registered voters will receive a very important mailing from the City of St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners. The postcard-style mailing will include a permanent voter notification card, information about the respective voter’s registration, and important election information for 2008.

This “voter canvass” is mandatory, according to State law, and it provides each voter with an opportunity to ensure that he or she is properly registered under the correct name and at the correct address. In addition, under current State law, the voter notification card can be cut out and used as identification at the polling places when the voter requests a ballot.

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Chaos at GOP Caucus in St. Charles

The Republican Caucus at Francis Howell North High School was shut down after about a half hour of dispute with no business conducted. Two men were arrested after the caucus was canceled.