HOLY SHIT! Blunt Bows Out [Updated x4]


Saying his mission as governor has been accomplished, Gov. Matt Blunt made the surprise announcement of the decade today.

“What we set-out to achieve four years ago has been accomplished,” said Blunt in a video address.

“Once when asked if he were running for re-election another governor responded, ‘Yes, I like being governor.’ When I read that I thought at the time that I never wanted to run for any office just to hold it. I did not run for governor to have a title, but to bring change to state government,” said Blunt.

“The habit of politicians is to remain in office and the desire to prove oneself in the next election is strong. After a great deal of thought and prayer, and with the knowledge that we have achieved virtually everything I set out to accomplish, and more, I will not seek a second term in the upcoming election. Because I feel we have changed what I wanted to change in the first term there is not the same sense of mission for a second.”

Statement by Missouri Republican Party Chairman Doug Russell on Governor Blunt’s decision not to seek re-election:

“Governor Blunt has been a remarkable leader that changed Missouri for the better. His conservative policies and values turned our state in a new, hopeful direction. Under his administration, budget deficits were replaced with surpluses, education was restored to its place atop our priority list, children are safer, more Missourians are working and healthcare for low-income Missourians has been transformed so that we are preventing sickness rather than treating illness once it has reached a chronic stage. I wish Governor Blunt, the First Lady and Branch all the happiness in the world as they embark on a new journey when the governor’s term expires. I also appreciate Governor Blunt’s commitment to ensuring the next governor of our state is a Republican who will continue to employ the principles of personal responsibility, fiscal conservatism and limited government so that we can be assured Missouri’s brightest days are ahead.”

Will State Treasurer Sarah Steelman be the new Republican candidate for governor?

She released this video today. Notice the lack of specificity when it comes the office she’s running for.

And let’s not forget about Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder.

Democrat Jay Nixon‘s response:

“My campaign for Governor has always been about moving Missouri forward. I will continue to focus on changing the direction of our state so that more Missourians have access to health care, more Missourians can find good-paying jobs and more Missouri children can get the quality education they deserve.

“I wish Gov. Blunt and his family all the best in the future.”

THIS JUST IN… Kinder is in.

“As Lt. Governor and President Pro Tem I have brought fundamental change to state government. I have served as a change agent my entire career and look forward to continuing my positive leadership. Missourians deserve a strong economy to create new higher paying jobs, a world class education, and affordable and accessible health care. I am the right person to deliver the positive change Missourians deserve.

I am heartened by the outpouring of support and I will be formally announce my plans for Governor in the coming weeks.”

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