Reed Pleads Hardship to MoEthics

Aldermanic President Lewis Reed was in Jefferson City yesterday asking the Missouri Ethics Commission to let him keep his over-the-limit campaign contributions.

From the Kansas City Star‘s Prime Buzz blog:

Reed was elected president of the board in an election last April, but campaign finance reports show he continued to receive over-the-limit contributions after the election.

Records show Reed received several contributions over $1,500, including a $10,000 donation from City Centre LLC in St, Louis and three $5,000 donations from other groups.

In total, Reed accepted more than $27,000 in over-the-limit contributions. His campaign’s latest finance report shows just over $9,000 on hand

Reed, who was accompanied by an attorney at the hearing today, declined to comment, and only reluctantly gave his name to a Star reporter.

A law removing limits on contributions went into effect Jan. 1 of last year, but was overturned by the Supreme Court in July. The Ethics Commission is holding hearings to allow candidates who believe returning the excessive funds would be a hardship to argue for keeping the money.

According to the Star, Republican State Senator Tom Dempsey also appeared before the Ethics Commission yesterday.

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