Slay Silenced, Troubles Grow Uglier

Mayor Francis Slay‘s words were drowned out yesterday by the boos and protests of his opponents.

Slay was trying to deliver a speech at the Old Courthouse during a ceremony honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As soon as the mayor was introduced, protesters began to shout and wave signs. Former fire chief Sherman George, whose demotion by Slay helped spark this fiery political backlash, tried to calm down the crowd down, but to no avail.

These videos are from people in the audience. The video quality is pretty low, but you can clearly hear what happened.

Last week members of the effort to recall Slay warned organizers of the MLK event that there would be problems if Slay was allowed to speak.

After Slay was booed off stage, he stormed out of the Old Courthouse and did not participate in the traditional march or ceremonies afterwards.

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