Primary Fights



The race for Lt. Governor is as crowded as Hwy 70 at 6 p.m., who didn’t scratch their name on the list as closing bell yesterday? After some hopes at keeping the Democratic candidate list short and sweet, six contenders are crammed up the tailpipe.

Back in November Missouri Democratic Party Chairman John Temporiti made the lieutenant governor primary a priority to keep uncontested, planning to get then only candidates State Rep. Sam Page of Creve Coeur and businessman Mike Evans of Arnold to come to some sort of agreement.

Apparently it was an agreement that left the window for a two-man field to become every man for himself. Six candidates are on slate now, including Page, Michael Carter, Richard Charles Tolbert, Becky L. Plattner, Mary Williams and C. Lillian Metzger.

The Republicans are working with less contentious fare – incumbent Peter Kinder and two lesser knowns, Paul Douglas Sims and Arthur Hodge Sr.


First off. Who isn’t running in this mother? Roberts and Hubbard and Waheed, oh my!

But let’s jump this off with the governor’s race and see where we can go from there.


After Gov. Matt Blunt abruptly announced he would not be seeking re-election the potential Republican candidates have been popping off the walls. Five people have signed up for the showdown, but the biggest players are current State Treasurer Sarah Steelman and Rep. Kenny Hulshof.

Steelman wasted no time after Blunt announced there would be no second term. Even though she’d already sent out a press release earlier on Jan. 22 tooting her run for re-election, the minute Blunt dropped his bombshell all plans for state treasure went out the window. Steelman has her eyes keenly on the governor prize.

Hulshof wanted to run for governor in 2004, but side-stepped in favor of Blunt. He had to settle for being a boring ol’ congressman despite his heart yearning for Columbia. He almost ditched Washington altogether in a bid for president of the University of Missouri. Home is where the heart is, after all. But with Blunt’s bow out, he can bring back that loving feeling. Now if only he can finagle Steelman out of the way.

Other candidates are Richard Allen Kline, Scott Long and Jennie Lee Sievers. All hope to face Democratic nominee, Attorney General Jay Nixon in statewide elections this fall.

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