Bush-McCain Challenge Comes to St. Louis

In a blind test, can you tell the difference between George W. Bush and John McCain? Probably not. That was the point of an event yesterday in the in the Delmar Loop. Local members of the liberal group MoveOn.org set up a stand and asked passersby to answer a few questions.



Here are a few examples of the questions asked:

Who promised that U.S. troops would be greeted as “liberators” in Iraq?

A) Bush
B) McCain
C) Both

Answer: McCain (Dick Cheney said that, too. In fact, McCain is more of a Bush-Cheney hybrid. Which is a pretty scary thought.)

Who said the solution to the housing crisis is for people facing foreclosure to get a “second job” and skip their vacations?

A) Bush
B) McCain
C) Both

Answer: McCain

As Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans, who took time out for a photo op with a birthday cake in Phoenix, Arizona?

A) Bush
B) McCain
C) Both

Answer: Both (It was McCain’s 69th birthday, and both men cut cake and took photos with the press while Katrina was devastating New Orleans.)

14 Replies to “Bush-McCain Challenge Comes to St. Louis”

  1. there are those who one can reason. then there are those who have lost the ability for critical thinking. if you can afford to pay your sec. 50k large per/yr then perhaps the future of the country and it’s ordinary citizens may not be a big issue with you. some what like the attitude of the french aristocracy; “let them eat cake” or the trickle down way “if the cows eat the chickens will eat. need anyone ask what the chickens will eat? what ever trickles down the cow’s hind leg.

  2. “Why are you making less than 50k? My secretary makes more than that.”

    Why are you making more than 50K? Perhaps your going rate is $1,000 per blog comment.

  3. Uh, yeah flyover, that would be my point—-everyone is living on less, not just people making over $50K a year. I don’t want anything from you, quit acting so put upon. I realize I am inferior to you because I am not as rich as your secretary, but we’re all feeling the pain of the economy right now so quit whining. I don’t have any loans I can’t pay and no one is bailing me out of anything, so get your facts straight before calling other people stupid. You and your secretary aren’t giving me anything.

  4. only fair? Everyone is living on less. Why is it fair that I should have to subsidize you? Why are you making less than 50k? My secretary makes more than that. She’s not rich, but she’s going to have several thousand less so you can have more.

    I agere with CWE guy. That was a bogus bail out and is THE reason you are paying $4 for gas. When we lowed the interest rates precipitously, the dollar plunged causing oil to go up. This is how we are paying for all those new low interest loans to bail out stupid people who don’t read their contracts and the criminals who screwed them.

  5. I’d like to know what is wrong with increasing your income and saving money to avoid forclosure.

    Don’t ever forget, if you were too stupid to know what kind of loan you were taking out; you, and your lender deserve the consequences.

  6. flyover seems to have some resentment issues. I do understand after nearly 8 years of bush enlightenment and prosperity I too had some issues. like the elections of 2000 and 2004. I have found a way to get over it but at time I wonder if the nation will. so to flyover a few words of wisdom from our prez “fool me once, shame on you; fool me fool me can’t get fooled again”.

  7. Bush kisses us with an alleged tax break(I haven’t felt it) Then F@$ks with $4 dollar gas and milk! I’d rather pay taxes. Can’t wait for Jan ’09!

  8. are you serious? Do you live under a rock? Sorry for the spelling error, the type is small and my eyes are old. Its sort of like when you used the word “dependent” for “dependence”. When you have to challenge spelling, I know I am right. Moveon.Org is not a liberal group, it is extreme and on the edge of the fringe. Say hi to your Uncle George. And to Big D…get ready to live on less if you make over 50k.

  9. When you talk about people “embarressing” themselves, you might want to get the spelling right. Anyway, I did read your comment, and I think you’re just wrong. Most Americans want us out of Iraq and want everybody to have affordable healthcare. Therefore, most Americans agree with Moveon and disagree with you and McCain. What, exactly, do you think is so out-of-the mainstream about moveon?

  10. If you think half the people in this country agree with MoveOn.org, you are probably smoking some of that Loop material, too. That was my point. Try actually reading the posts before embarressing yourself.

  11. ooooooh, the word “liberal”. so scary! Guess what, flyover, over half the country now meets your definition of “liberal” so groups can be both liberal and mainstream at the same time. You know, like people who think that Iraq was a big mistake, that we should have access to affordable healthcare, and that we should start trying to reduce our dependent on oil. In other words, people who disagree with McCain.

  12. My level of respect for the site just went up. You correctly labeled MoveOn as a “liberal” group. Most liberal sites try to pass them of as mainstream. I can’t wait until some enterprising conservative takes a camera out and starts asking people how they will like living on less money and paying even more for gas under Obama. Anybody who thinks McCain is Bush’s buttboy is smoking some of that stuff they sell in the doorways in the Loop. I am not a McCain fan, but he’s probably as close to an independent as we will see in our lifetimes. The problem with McCain is you really never know what he will do. The problem with Obama is you do know. I still can’t believe out of 350 million people these two dopes are the best we can offer. I hope to live long enough to be able to vote without having to take the least of two evils.

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