Mailer Causes Absentee Confusion

A mailer from the St. Louis City Democratic Party has caused a bit of confusion — and even anger — among some voters. The St. Louis City Election Board today issued a press release to try to explain the confusion. Meanwhile, the City Democratic chairman claims it was a printer error that caused the problem.

From the Election Board:

Numerous voters in the City of St. Louis have received by mail this week an unsolicited absentee ballot application in an envelope that contains the return address of the “St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners,” but which was NOT sent by the City Election Board. Inside the envelope is a “tear off” absentee ballot application, the top of which contains an endorsement of Jay Nixon and the symbol of the Democratic Party. Although a disclaimer appears in much smaller type that the mailing was paid for by the Democratic Campaign Committee of St. Louis City, the unmistakable impression is that the absentee ballot application came from the St. Louis City Election Board and that the Election Board is endorsing Jay Nixon. Understandably, the Election Board is receiving numerous inquiries from confused and angry voters demanding to know why they received such a mailing and why the Election Board is endorsing the Democratic Party candidate for Governor.

Voters in the City of St. Louis should be assured that this mailing did NOT come from the Election Board and the Election Board does NOT endorse any candidate for any office. Nor does the Election Board mail to any voter an unsolicited absentee ballot application. Applications are only mailed to those voters who request them.

If any voter requested an absentee ballot from the Election Board and is unsure as to the status of their application, they should contact the Absentee Department at 314-622-3230 or 314-622-3319. If they have already returned their ballot, they can disregard any unsolicited application they might receive in the mail.

Brian Wahby, the chairman of the St. Louis Democrats, tells the Post-Dispatch “the source of confusion is due to a printing error that occurred at the mail house.”

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