Police Scandals Fuel Call for Local Control

The recent scandals in the St. Louis police department have fueled efforts to bring control of the department back to the people who pay the bills: the taxpayers of St. Louis City.

From: The Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression
Regarding: SB 785: Local Control of Police
Contact Person: John Chasnoff 314-413-0454

The Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression will be hosting a Rally and March on October 22. This event marks our continuing participation in the National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality. This year’s O22 rally will be at 4:00 p.m., October 22, at Poelker Park (Twelfth and Market).The title this year is “Towing Local Control Back to St. Louis”. We will be focusing on the ongoing scandal within the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the ongoing campaign to return control of our police back to the citizens of the city.

The Police Board’s mishandling of the Towing Scandal has made it clear that it needs to be held to higher standards of accountability. Its first reaction to this scandal, as in many other cases, was to sweep the issue under the rug. It has not apparently learned any lessons from its inadequate handling of the Rape Memo Scandal, the Missing Money Scandal, or the Cardinal Ticket Scandal.

A Police Board accountable only to far off politicians in Jefferson City is accountable to no one. We need Local Control.

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