VIDEO: Legislators Debate Charter Schools and the “Turner Dilemma”

The law says if the state finds that a school district is not educating kids properly it can strip the district of its accreditation. Once the district is unaccredited, the kids in those districts are then eligible to attend school in neighboring fully-accredited districts and the students’ home unaccredited district will pay for it. The problem is the neighboring districts are keeping those kids out and the home districts feel a mass exodus could mean doom for already-suffering public schools.

This is the so-called “Turner Dilemma”, named after the court case Turner v. School District of Clayton. In July 2010, a 4-3 majority of the state Supreme Court held that children who live in the City of St. Louis may attend schools in St. Louis County. St. Louis Public Schools has to pay the costs, and the suburban districts must accept the students. The case was brought by a St. Louis City family that had been sending its kids to Clayton schools and forced to pay the tuition. (Read more:

As the Missouri state legislature started a new session last week, leaders from both parties were asked about the Turner Dilemma facing families and school districts from one side of the state to the other.

This video was shot by Jason Rosenbaum (@jrosenbaum)

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