Slay’s Court Admin Faces Disciplinary Action

KSDK reports that the chief administrator of the St. Louis Municipal Courts is in trouble for not only hiring her brother, but for doing it without a contract or a bid.

Mayor Slay’s office says she showed “tremendous lapse in judgment.”

Documents obtained by the I-Team show that Catherine Ruggeri-Rea hired her brother and paid him $2,250 to reconcile books over the past three months. The mayor’s office says it was an emergency hire.

Sam Dotson is Operations Director for Mayor Francis Slay. He said, “The courts lost an accountant position. They didn’t have an accountant. The money could not be transferred from the courts to the treasurer.”

But Ruggeri-Rea’s brother is not a CPA. In fact, we couldn’t find him with any state license. The city says he has book keeping experience and a CPA isn’t needed for the job.

Dotson says public officials should not be hiring relatives to do contract work.

As usual, the media didn’t demand a comment from the mayor himself.

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