Harris to Treat Aldermen

Everyone knows the way to an alderman’s heart is through their stomach. So when the city’s legislative body meets this morning, breakfast will be provided by none other than Attorney General candidate Jeff Harris. If he follows the usual menu, Harris, a Democratic state representative from Columbia, will be wining and dining aldermen, reporters and […]

Is an Alderman on the Take? (Gasp!)

Last night Channel 5 reporter Mike Owens did a story on a shady real estate man who sold a couple a home that he apparently no longer owned. The real owner is evicting the “buyers” and the shady salesman is ducking the law and TV cameras. It was a pretty good story. But more interesting […]

Eastern Starr

Alderman Kacie Starr Triplett is heading east. Far East. Starr has been invited to represent the United States on an international exchange program to Vietnam. The American Council of Young Political Leaders selected Triplett after receiving her nomination from Congressman Russ Carnahan, her former boss. “I am excited and humbled to be part of this […]