New Features: PubDef.TV and Alerts

We’re happy to announce a couple of great new features! First, we now have continuous play on PubDef.TV, meaning you just go to the site and videos start playing automatically, one after the other — just like real TV, but on-demand! We’ve also made it easy for you to sign up to receive breaking news […]

Cool New YouTube Features

YouTube, which uses to post and play our videos, has just added a cool new scroll-through feature on its player that shows related videos. It’s fun to play with and lets you discover new, related videos without leaving our site. Just hover over the video after pressing “play” and watch the magic unfold. Here, […]

Welcome Interns

Over the next days and weeks, you will be noticing a few new bylines on PubDef. The interns have arrived! So be nice — and be patient — as these fresh eyes take their first hard looks at St. Louis politics. And look out for some new flavor and changes to the site as these […]